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Ortho-Kinetics® Trainers and Therapists are career professionals dedicated to education and training. With more hours committed to expanding their knowledge base than any other certification in the industry, our professionals are dedicated to their craft.

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Train with an Ortho-Kinetics® Trainer

When working with an Ortho-Kinetics® Trainer or Therapists you will appreciate the depth of their knowledge, the scope of their training, their attention to detail and consistent dedication towards providing you with exemplary service.

You now have a choice to train with true health professionals you can trust.

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Transform Your Club with the Ortho-Kinetics® System

Do you want more clients, better retention, and a higher success rate among your members? Learn how the Ortho-Kinetics® system can transform your business and increase your revenue.

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testThe Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment is a unique biomechanically based system of combined movement pattern evaluation and comprehensive joint motion analysis.  The Assessment will identify postural deviations, discover muscular imbalances, and unveil movement limitations that collectively create compensation, cause pain, inhibit performance and deteriorate overall health.

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trainThe first session with your Ortho-Kinetics® trainer will begin with our Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment which received the premier industry award in 2004 for the most “Innovative Assessment and Prescription”.  Using the Ortho-Kinetics® system as a starting point, our Professional Trainers design a personalized corrective and performance-enhancing program that will address your needs as well as your goals.

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treatIn order to help you get the most out of your exercise program, you may see our Ortho-Kinetics® Trainers using M.A.T. during their sessions with their clients. This is just one of the ways our fitness professionals offer a unique, integrated experience.


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