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Course Descpritions

Ortho-Kinetics® “Professional” Trainer: Ortho-Kinetics® PTr

This course begins with helping students to become familiar with the highly integrated structure and function of the human body. We believe that acquiring a deep knowledge of how the body was designed to move is critical for learning how to optimally assess, program and train to improve overall movement and bio-motor abilities. This course provides a foundation for learning Advanced Assessment Methods and develops an understanding of the science and art of effective exercise programming. This course focuses primarily on teaching students to begin to master new corrective and performance based exercises along with the endless techniques, modifications and progressions necessary to address the individual needs and variety of goals of all their clients.

Ortho-Kinetics® “Specialist” Trainer: Ortho-Kinetics® STr

Specialists should have completed and tested out of the Ortho-Kinetics® “Professional” Trainer program if interested in actual “certification” as opposed to continuing education. The “Specialist” course will empower trainers with advanced assessment methods and teach them to use this information to better select, group and organize specific exercises into effective corrective and performance based programs. The ability to provide a comprehensive assessment and discover a client’s or patient’s present level of joint function, muscular imbalances, postural deviations, and movement pattern compensations is critical for accurately design appropriate exercise routines. This course will also continue to add new proprietary exercises to expand trainer’s programming options and better address the specific needs and performance goals for their clients.

Ortho-Kinetics® “Advanced” TherapistOrtho-Kinetics® ATx

Advanced Therapists should have completed and tested out of the Ortho-Kinetics® “Specialist” Trainer program if interested in actual “certification” as opposed to continuing education.  Entering the Ortho-Kinetics® “Therapist” track will involve the desire for Ortho-Kinetics® Trainers or already existing licensed clinical therapists, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers or Chiropractors to begin acquiring the skills to provide specialized manual therapies & soft tissue treatments as a part of their professional practice. These therapies are conducive with the assessment methods, programming, and the unique corrective & performance based exercises learned in the previous “trainer” levels. This 96 hour course prepares and empowers students to begin to integrate specific forms of manual therapies to help correct muscular imbalances, improve joint function, and increase overall movement performance.

Ortho-Kinetics®“Master”TherapistOrtho-Kinetics® MTx

Ortoho-Kinetics® Therapy is a bio-mechanically based method of manual therapy that combines various neuromuscular release & activation techniques. Specifically designed to be integrated with our Proprietary Assessment & Programming Process Ortho-Kinetics® Therapists are uniquely trained and equipped to utilize their specialized soft tissue techniques to help their clients & athletes function, move, feel, and perform at optimal levels!


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