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Everett Aaberg

Founder and CEO

Everett Aaberg

Everett is the owner of TELOS Fitness Center, serves as the Director of Fitness Services, and is the founder and CEO of the Ortho-Kinetics® Institute which features advanced education and extensive certifications based on his proprietary and award winning system of Integrated Assessment, Training and Treatment. He is recognized as one of the elite trainers in the country and known as an expert in corrective exercise, a master of integrated therapy and as a rehabilitation specialist. He has worked with numerous professional and elite athletes of all ages as well as the everyday person who desires to eliminate pain and reach their optimal level of performance and fitness.

Everett is also a highly sought international presenter, an industry consultant and provides continuing education for numerous organizations such as IDEA, IRSHA, ECA, and the world-renowned Cooper Institute. He has authored six books, two of which are published internationally and in five different languages.

After sitting on the National Review Board for Personal Training Certifications for five years, Everett realized how much the industry needed well-educated, professional trainers who delivered safe and consistent results. Everett has personally developed and applied his training knowledge throughout his career as a former professional athlete, champion bodybuilder and power lifter. He has been able to integrate over 25 years of experience and research along with his unique skills as a licensed therapist, Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist, and Active Release Techniques Practitioner to provide a truly unique approach for treating and training the body for achieving optimal performance. The culmination of this diverse and dedicated career is The Ortho-Kinetics® Institute.

To schedule an Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment with Everett, please call (972) 386-2554 or email eaaberg@telosfitnesscenter.com