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The Ortho-Kinetics® Institute


The Ortho-Kinetics® Institute is dedicated to research, development and advanced educational training programs for professional trainers, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Clinical Massage Therapists and other health and fitness professionals.

The Ortho-Kinetics® Institute will also produce new educational resources, products, and tools for the advancement of human health and performance. The scope of Ortho-Kinetics® both in practice and in instruction is focused in the areas of Advanced Assessment methods, Corrective & Performance Based Exercise Programming and Biomechanically based Training Techniques. We also integrate and are a provider for specialized manual therapies and soft tissue techniques.

The Ortho-Kinetics® Institute is based within the TELOS Fitness Center and headquarters for the Ortho-Kinetics® Trainer, and Ortho-Kinetics® Therapist programs. These programs are the most extensive educational and training programs within the industry totaling over 500 hours of intense class work, hands-on training, some independent study and internships. These programs are designed for career minded personal trainers, athletic trainers, physical therapists, and other industry professionals who seek advanced education and strive to improve their assessment, programming and training skills.

The Ortho-Kinetics® Trainer program consists of, the “Professional” Trainer (PTR) and the “Specialist” Trainer (STR) courses. These programs are designed to produce extremely knowledgeable, skilled and proficient physical trainers.  Ortho-Kinetics® Trainers will be well prepared to be leading trainers within the fitness industry skilled in providing Advanced Assessment Methods, effective programming systems, and will be armed with literally hundreds of new Proprietary Corrective and Performance Based exercise movements. Ortho-Kinetics® Trainers will also be specially trained to work along-side and in cooperation with other health providers such as Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Occupational Therapists, and Clinical Massage Therapists as post-rehab and preventative exercise specialists

The Ortho-Kinetics® Therapist program is also comprised of two consecutive courses, the “Advanced” Therapist (ATX) and the “Master” Therapist (MTX). The Therapist level courses will empower Ortho-Kinetics® Trainer/ Therapists to legally perform specific “clothes-on” manual therapies and tissue treatment techniques, such as “Muscle Activation Techniques” (MAT)  &  “Active Release Techniques” (ART). Ortho-Kinetics® Therapists will learn to integrate such specialized manual therapies and tissue treatments into their corrective and performance training to help correct muscular imbalances, improve movement performance and help eliminate pain beyond what training or treatment can accomplish alone.

The Ortho-Kinetics® Trainer program consists of 8 interdependent (18) hour modules.

  • All modules within each course level are intricately linked but not necessarily sequential allowing students to take missed modules at future dates.
  • All modules are 18hr CEC approved for most major certifications, therefore they can be taken individually to simply gather new information and maintain mandatory continuing education credits.
  • All modules are intentionally limited to small groups to emphasize individual attention, promote higher student participation, & maximize the learning process.
  • For those with challenging schedules, modules can also be scheduled to take through private tutoring sessions for an incremental fee.
  • All lectures & hands-on training modules are taught by Everett Aaberg, and his top Ortho-Kinetics® Trainer / Therapists on-site at the TELOS Fitness Center.


Course Descriptions:

Ortho-Kinetics® “Professional” Trainer: Ortho-Kinetics® PTr

PTR is our First Level Certification Course and the most significant step in transforming Personal Trainers into “ORTHO-KINETICS® TRAINERS”!
Awarded by IHRSA as the Industries’ “Most Comprehensive and Innovative Assessment and Training Program”!
This Proprietary System integrates Advanced Assessment Methods, a Patented Programming Process, Unique Corrective and Performance Exercise Training, and Specialized Manual Therapies to improve Function, enhance Fitness and achieve Optimal Performance! 

This course begins with helping students to become familiar with the highly integrated structure and function of the human body. We believe that acquiring a deep knowledge of how the body was designed to move is critical for learning how to optimally assess, program and train to improve overall movement and bio-motor abilities. This course provides a foundation for learning Advanced Assessment Methods and develops an understanding of the science and art of effective exercise programming. This course focuses primarily on teaching students to begin to master new corrective and performance based exercises along with the endless techniques, modifications and progressions necessary to address the individual needs and variety of goals of all their clients.

Ortho-Kinetics® “Specialist” Trainer: Ortho-Kinetics® STr

STR is our Second Level Certification Course that picks up from the PTR with more advanced study and application of Biomechanics and Neuro-Muscular Adaptation to further progress our Specialists’ Training Skills and Programming abilities.
The STR Course introduces and integrates our unique “Neuro-Muscular Stability Testing and Training Techniques”, (NST™), into our Proprietary Assessment, Training and Treatment System.
ORTHO-KINETICS® SPECIALISTS armed with NST™ along with their advanced Training and Programming Skills, are better equipped to Identify and Correct specific Joint Limitations and Muscular Imbalances and have become more successful at progressing their clients’ specific Bio-Motor Abilities as needed to surpass their fitness and performance goals!

Specialists should have completed and tested out of the Ortho-Kinetics® “Professional” Trainer program if interested in actual “certification” as opposed to continuing education. The “Specialist” course will empower trainers with advanced assessment methods and teach them to use this information to better select, group and organize specific exercises into effective corrective and performance based programs. The ability to provide a comprehensive assessment and discover a client’s or patient’s present level of joint function, muscular imbalances, postural deviations, and movement pattern compensations is critical for accurately design appropriate exercise routines. This course will also continue to add new proprietary exercises to expand trainer’s programming options and better address the specific needs and performance goals for their clients.

Ortho-Kinetics® “Elite” TrainerOrtho-Kinetics® ETr

ETR is our Third Level Certification Course that builds upon the knowledge base and significantly adds new Assessment, Training and Treatment Techniques to those learned and developed through their years working as  PROFESSIONAL (PTR) and SPECIALIST (STR) ORTHO-KINETICS® Trainers!
The ETR Course dramatically expands the SPECIALIST’S scope and skills use of their NST™ “Neuro-Muscular Stability Testing and Training Techniques”, (NST™), into our Proprietary Assessment, Training and Treatment System.
ORTHO-KINETICS® ELITE TRAINERS armed with NST™ along with their advanced Training and Programming Skills, are better equipped to Identify and Correct specific Joint Limitations and Muscular Imbalances and have become more successful at progressing their clients’ specific Bio-Motor Abilities as needed to surpass their fitness and performance goals!

Ortho-Mechan-X™ Trainer

A Specialized Certification Course that provides an In-Depth Biomechanical Analysis of both, “Man & Machine” to derive Specific Training Techniques and Strategies for Improving the Body’s Bio-Motor Abilities and Achieving Optimal Performance as Efficiently and Safely as Possible!
The ORTHO-MECHAN-X™ Modules 1-3 are primarily structured as a hands-on learning experiencing with over 70% of these modules consisting of practical training within the TELOS Fitness Center’s 7200 sq. foot “COLOSSEUM” packed with Free Weights, Kettle Bells, Bands, Balls, other Specialized Training Tools, along with a large collection of the best training equipment from the Top Manufacturers in the Industry!
The 3 Modules can be stand-alone certifications and are dedicated to learning the “Science and Art of Exercise Programming”. Training Programs should be based on Science of the body’s physiological adaptations to different training stimulus, which are directly linked to the specific Neuro-Muscular responses and Bio-motor programming that the body is concurrently experiencing when performing any movement or exercise.
However, learning to design effective training programs that are customized for each client that can dramatically help to realign their Postural Deviations, restore optimal Joint Motion, correct their specific Muscular Imbalances and remedy their Movement Compensations is also an Art as much as a Science to be mastered over time through continued study and practical application!

Course Schedule


2020 DALLAS Module Dates:
2020 Ortho-Mechan-X™ Trainer – (OMx)

Module 1     August 14-15
Module 2     August 21-22
Module 3     August 28-29

2020 Ortho-Kinetics® “Professional” Trainer – (PTr)

Module 1     September 4-5
Module 2     September 11-12
Module 3     September 18-19
Module 4     September 25-26
Module 5     October 2-3
Module 6     October 9-10
Module 7     October 16-17
Module 8     October 23-24

2020 Ortho-Kinetics® “Specialist” Trainer (STr) and “Elite” Trainer (ETr)

Module 1      November 6-7
Module 2      November 13-14
Module 3      November 20-21
Module 4      December 4-5
Module 4      December 11-12