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Kevin Potts, TELOS Member

Kevin Potts

Like most wonderful things I find in my life… I can usually say… my wife introduced me to it. In the case of TELOS this is exactly what happened. My wife, Linda, had already been a member for close to a year and was really enjoying going to several of the classes. We finally had the same day off during the week and she asked me to join her. It was tough, but fun. More important was the great introduction I was getting to the beautiful and never crowded environment of TELOS.

I quickly learned that TELOS was at a different level when I took advantage of the Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment. I was blown away by this three-day fitness evaluation, level of knowledge, attention to detail and expertise. They could have easily talked way above my head, but took the time to educate me on what my bad posture habits had developed over a long period of time. I explained to them that correcting these problems was of the highest importance to me. I am a dentist and bad posture seems to come with the job. It also tends to be the number one destroyer of dental careers. I want to be able to practice until I want to stop… not when my body gives up. My trainer really got it. 

So… here I am several months into training. I have worked with two of TELOS’ finest, both of whom are extremely detail oriented and always make sure that each workout gives me the maximum benefit. I feel and see the changes at work and all day long. These guys are helping me make sure that I have every opportunity to practice dentistry for a long time. A wonderful investment in my future!