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The Ortho-Kinetics Assessment® is a unique biomechanically based system of combined movement pattern evaluation and comprehensive joint motion analysis that can only be performed by a certified Ortho-Kinetics® Trainer or Therapist. It will identify postural deviations, discover muscular imbalances, and unveil movement limitations that collectively create compensation, cause pain, inhibit performance and deteriorate overall health.

The Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment begins with an in-depth interview to first discuss your present fitness objectives, and all desired performance goals that you desire to accomplish. We will also review your personal history of success and struggles with attempts to achieve these goals as well as discuss any specials needs or challenges you have that may interfere with obtaining optimal results.We will gather any known information and all medical records you can provide relative to your past and present health status. We will map out your history of injuries, joint movement limitations, chronic muscle tightness and all past and present pain patterns in order to identify determine the specific needs that must also be addressed to optimally accomplish your fitness and performance goals.
The Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment will then proceed to a unique method of postural evaluation. Historically, Postural assessments have shown little consistency in supplying reliable information for helping to determine treatment needs or selecting corrective exercise. This has limited their value and use for both, the medical and fitness communities. Our Ortho-Kinetics® Trainers and Therapists have undergone months of study as well as hands on training to develop the skills to accurately identify postural deviations that correlate with specific joint limitations, muscle imbalances and altered movement. Even subtle shifts in skeletal alignment reveal compensation and performance barriers to the trained eye and hands of an Ortho-Kinetics® Therapist.

Next a comprehensive joint by joint analysis will be performed literally from toe to head. Your present posture, gait mechanics, athletic potential and overall movement ability is directly related to the precise mobility and stability ratios at each joint throughout the body. Joint function is highly dependent upon by the existing balance of muscular control. All muscle tension is linked to muscular weakness and there is always a neuro-mechanical relationship between joint mobility and stability with muscle flexibility and strength. Therefore, our joint analysis system includes over 300 specific muscle tests that will help determine the root causes behind the postural deviations and movement limitations that are resulting in pain, repetitive injury, and inhibited performance.

The Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment will then proceed to a proprietary movement pattern analysis designed to evaluate how the collective joint limitations and muscle imbalances are affecting your overall movement and creating compensation. During this process we will be able to determine the exact positions, force angles and movement patterns that need to be implemented into the specific corrective exercise selections included in your overall training program. The movement analysis will also help set priorities for manual therapy strategies and treatment plans that may be integrated along with the overall exercise program in order to achieve maximal results.