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Susan Beck

Susan Beck

Joining TELOS last October has transformed my body, my outlook, and my life.  While I have always exercised, I am in the best physical shape I have ever enjoyed, and I attribute my success to TELOS and to Charlie Hay, my trainer.

When I joined, I explained the type of trainer I wanted to work with and was matched with Charlie, who has proven to be a perfect fit.  After going through a thorough Ortho- Kinetics® Assessment, I started a regular program that continues to change and evolve.  While I am not the most coordinated person in the world, Charlie breaks down the movements so I can execute them safely and effectively.

The payoff has been unmistakable – in my physique, physicality and endurance. My 26 year-old daughter and I – inspired by the movie Wild – spent three days hiking 38 miles in the Great Smokey Mountains.  Charlie helped me train for the hike. For example, he came in to TELOS with a full backpack to isolate and build the key muscles for this adventure.  At the end of our hike, my young daughter had aches and pains, while I was ready for more.

In addition to the well-equipped gym and luxurious locker room, my husband and I now play racquetball every Sunday. The classes I have attended focused on the individual and their abilities. I feel at home at TELOS. My workouts here are a key part of my routine, and really help me to get more out of life.