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What is Ortho-Kinetics®

Ortho-Kinetics® is a comprehensive system of corrective exercise training and soft tissue therapy designed to develop optimal human performance.

How Ortho-Kinetics® Works For You

Ortho-Kinetics® can realign posture, correct muscular imbalances, decrease compensation, eliminate pain, increase range of motion, create stability, develop strength, improve speed, and maximize power in order to reach one’s physical potential as well as enhance aesthetics and promote abundant health.

Ortho-Kinetics® (Corrective Movement) is the brand name representing a new entity that has emerged in the fitness, athletic, and rehab realms. Developed through the Ortho-Kinetics® Institute founded by Everett Aaberg and based at TELOS Fitness Center, the Institute produces Ortho-Kinetics® Trainers and Therapists who are the most extensively trained Professional Trainers in the fitness industry. These professionals are uniquely equipped  to assess, train, treat and continue rehab for people of all ages, and athletes at all levels that may be hampered with injuries, limited movement abilities, back and join problems, or simply have struggle to reach their desired level of fitness or performance. Ortho-Kinetics® Trainers and Therapists are trained to work synergistically with other Professional Health Practitioners, Surgeons, Physical Therapists, and Chiropracters to provide a variety of specialized training and therapeutic services to complement other modalities.

The Ortho-Kinetics® Triad

Ortho-Kinetics® utilizes an integrated triad system of unique biomechanical and neuromuscular assessments, specialized soft tissue treatments, and proprietary exercise training. The Ortho-Kinetics® system of “Test-Treat & Train” achieves results beyond what any individual exercise modality and / or therapy can deliver.

Learn More About Ortho-Kinetics®

Find Out What’s Holding You Back – The Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment is a comprehensive battery of tests that reveals the  biomechanical limitations keeping your body from peak function.  Click Here.

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